Landscaping Services



Here at Crew Cut Lawns we have graduated over the years into a full service lawn and landscape company. We feel our years of experience and dedicated staff has allowed us to consistently increase our success and are proud to offer the services listed below. If there are services you would like our company to provide and they are not listed, please feel free to contact us for an individual consultation and free estimate.

Topsoil and Material Delivery

We will pick up and deliver just about any type of material you might want or need for your landscaping projects. We work closely with multiple local suppliers to provide you with competitive pricing and a wide variety of products. We Will pick up the material and unload or hand shovel it to a pre-determined location. We also remove and dispose of a variety of unwanted materials.

Garden Box Installation

landscaping-image-6Spring is the season of color and we have the solution to add personality and originality to your yard. Let us build a professional looking garden box to accommodate your creative designs. Over the years we have developed several simple designs that can be installed and functional within a day. We take care of the building and installation of the topsoil allowing you the freedom to create your burst of color. If you would prefer, your purchased plants can be delivered and planted or we can purchases any combination of flower, vegetables or fruits.

Garden Dismantling and Restoration

This service is typically asked for when a garden has out lived its indented design or you wish to relocate areas of your garden. With collaboration between you and our experienced team, our landscaping personnel will remove, level, grade, and shape a new pattern to accommodate and install the new design.

Boarder and Brick Design

landscaping-image-7With a little muscle and a lot of vision, border and brick design can be a great way to terrace an area, outline plants and bushes, or add a permanent statement to your yard. In almost any landscape a division between lawn and soil creates a polished, professional look and delineates between two areas. An elegant and inexpensive solution would be to add a border. This can be as simple as black plastic edging to more elaborate colored and molded brick. Brick pavers are mainly used when adding a patio area or a permanent walkway. In fact, they are a great way to designate a heavily traveled area and protect the surrounding vegetation from exhibiting signs of fatigue while enhancing the visual appeal. With so many options of color and texture choosing what type of brick to install can be a challenge. Let us help with a few examples from local suppliers to mix and match and create that perfect blend of design and functionality you have in mind.

Retaining Walls

landscaping-image-2Retaining walls are traditionally used for erosion control on banks or steep slopes. However, when used creatively they can surround trees, increase color, and add to any existing brick work. Using brick to accent areas with color, depth, and height has produced some eye catching curb appeal designs. We encourage you to look at our gallery or call to have one of our team meet with you to discuss possible solutions.

New Grass Installation

landscaping-image-5Whether it is an area being seeded for the first time or a portion of an existing area in need of new grass, it is important to seek the console of an experienced lawn company. Planting new grass is not as easy as sowing new seed. When making the decision to invest in seeding or re-seeding it’s important to assess how well the lawn is going to survive once the work is done. Things to considered would be the soil condition, daily amount of sunlight and drainage in the area. These considerations may result in the decision not to invest in new grass until a previous hindrance is rectified. Once the determination is made that new grass will be successful we can provide two options: 1) Hand spreading or 2) Hydro seeding. Hand spreading is for controlled areas or when space is an issue, and hydro seeding is best for larger areas. In either case proper preparation of the soil is necessary and in most cases we bring in new soil to ensure proper germination. Sod is a good alternative to seeding but is usually used to establish a lawn quickly and avoid soil erosion.

Mulch, Decorative Wood Chip Design and Installation

landscaping-image-3This is by far the quickest way to add color and division to any curb appeal while keeping costs low. Mulch and woodchips have many of the same properties but are slightly different. Both provide protection form the elements and added insulation for roots during the winter months. Mulch caries a high amount of nutrients that are transferred to the plant’s root system however, have the disadvantage of no color variety, usually a dark neutral tone. Wood chips on the other hand, come in a variety of different colors but lack any sort of added nutrients. Mulch is generally applied to gardens containing vegetables or food producing plants. Wood chips are usually used in large areas where the chips are going to add to the visual appeal of the design but nutrients are not needed. Depending on the availability we have 4 choices of color for our wood chips. Both applications require some ground preparation to insure lasting stability. Our experienced team will explain the options available. In some cases just a chip turning might be all you need!

Lawn Repair

landscaping-image-4With our harsh Alaskan winters and an increasing number of family dog owners, lawn repair is not uncommon. This service is generally performed during spring to mid-summer. As with any new grass installation or rejuvenation it is important to assess what caused the grass to be damaged and recommend the proper solution. For instance, dog urine on turf grass causes a deposit of nitrogen (N)-containing compounds and associated salts. These deposits are often concentrated in a relatively small portion of the lawn, resulting in turf injury or loss. We can quickly remedy these and other scenarios like “Pink Patch”, over fertilizing, etc., within weeks and have the grass rejuvenated and looking uniformed and healthy.